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Wholesale Frozen Lobster Tails

Before you order wholesale frozen lobster tails, you need to make sure that you make a great deal by purchasing real lobsters. Frozen tails offer delicate, sweet, and mild meats with distinctive flavor that everyone surely will like them. This can become delightful treat for the family dinner especially if you compliance it with some dip melted butter sauce. Just like a whole lobster, frozen lobster tails also has high price and this is why you need to get the best product from paying the cost.
When people are looking for frozen lobster tails, they like to purchase the frozen one. Although the fresh lobster tails are also ideally the best product, however if you cannot find high quality fresh lobster tails at nearest market then there is nothing wrong by purchasing lobster’s tails. Especially if you cannot buy the lobster tails on boat or you do not have any guess where the lobster tails come from. It is okay to buy wholesale frozen lobster tails since what you need to do is select the best one. When you know how to pick good quality frozen lobster tails then they can be as good as the fresh lobster tails.
Guides to buy wholesale frozen lobster tails
What you should do to get the best wholesale frozen lobster tails are consider several things such as:
1.      The species of the lobsters
There are two most common species of lobster tails sold in the market which are the warm water lobster tails versus cold water lobster tails. It is important to understand what kind of species the lobster tails are sold in the market. The cold water lobster tails usually price more expensive than the warm water lobster tails. It is because they offering tender and sweeter meats rather than the warm water one meaning that they are tastier. But, it does not mean you cannot enjoy eating warm water lobster tails. It is just that the cold water lobster tails are more preferred by many people even for the first class restaurants due to their more delicate flavor and texture. Not to mention, the warm water lobster tails sometime turn into a bit mushier particularly when they are already cooked.
2.      Check the colors of the lobster tails
Wholesale frozen lobster tails suppliers like to store their product inside special freezer with some temperature. Buying frozen seafood sometime you do not know how long they are already in the freezer. It could be days or even weeks and the longer they are kept by the suppliers the worse their taste will be thus you need to check their appearance to ensure that you buy new frozen lobster tails.
Check the color of the lobster tails will be the easiest thing to do. In fact, whether the lobster tails are fresh or frozen, they should not have any discoloration on their appearance.  Check the surface of the lobster tails and if you see some black spots then they are no longer good to be consumed and they are not longer fresh enough. Furthermore, if you see grayish color on the lobster tails then you also need to avoid buying them since they will not taste good when you cook them.
3.      Choose the right size of the lobster tails
The size of the lobster tails are really matter. When you want to cook the tails in one single dish then it is better to find lobster tails similar in size because they are ideally served with that way to make a perfect good looking dish. Smaller lobster tails can weight around 3 pounds or if you want to buy larger lobster tails then you can even go as huge as 24 pounds. However, smaller size lobster tails usually have tender and softer meat plus texture than the larger one. In addition, sometime buying bigger lobster tails are better for particular recipes because the meats are fuller.
Other quick buying tips which maybe you want to follow when you looking for wholesale frozen lobster tails are:
-          Check the shells, if they are cracked or damaged then do not buy it.
-          Check for package, if the frozen lobster tails packed inside some air vacuum packaging then make sure they are not torn or crushed or damaged in any way.
-          Read the label carefully when you buy lobster tails inside a package. If on the package only mentioned about ‘lobster tails’ only then you can assume the suppliers sell warm water lobsters. It is because you need to know whether they are from warm water or cold water. If the staff does not know about the species of the lobster tails when you ask them then it is better to find another trusted wholesale frozen lobster tails sellers.
If you cannot find reliable suppliers to order frozen lobster tails, you can always have another option which is buying them online. It is not wrong to order frozen seafood from online shopping in the internet. In fact, you can get higher quality of frozen lobsters instead when you purchase them from local supermarket or grocery stores.
How to thaw wholesale frozen lobster tails the right way
Here are some simple tips on how to thaw the frozen lobster tails with the right method. Remember that after you thaw the frozen tails, you need to cook them immediately since lobsters will turn bad when you thaw and refreeze them:
1.      If you want to cook the lobster tail quickly then after you bring the package home, you can soak the tails still inside the plastic in a bowl full of cold water. Soak it for few minutes till they are thawed perfectly.
2.      If you have more time and you want to cook lobster tails the next morning, then you can store the frozen lobster tails inside refrigerator and let it thaw overnight. The next day, you can take it out from the refrigerator and cook them. Do not refreeze them anymore.
Wholesale frozen lobster tails products are available offline and online, you can pick which shopping method suitable best for you.

Wholesale Frozen Lobster Tails

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