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Easy to Make Lobster Recipe Ideas for Everyone

There are various lobster recipe ideas which are very easy to create so you do not need to worry and check out the recipe that we have gathered here. All of these recipes are very detailed so you can follow them easier.

Lobster Recipe Ideas Lobster RollsIngredients:
-          3 pieces of lobster with 1.5 pound weight each
-          Fresh tarragon 2 tsp minced
-          Celery 2 stalk finely diced
-          Lemon juice from 1 piece with some lemon wedges for garnish
-          Mayonnaise ½ cup
-          Pepper
-          Salt
-          Roll buns 6 pieces split the top open
-          Butter, salted, soften, used for brushing
-          Fresh chives chopped 1 tbsp
Lobster Recipe Ideas cooking directions:
1.      Take a large size bowl, and then fill it using water and ice.
2.      Take the lobster and then steam it on top of boiling water with 2 inches height until the lobster color become bright pink which will take around 8 minutes or 10 minutes long.
3.      Then after the lobster ready, quickly put them inside the ice water bowl you have prepared before to shock them. This will make it easier for you to remove the tails as well as claws meat that you want.
4.       Now you can chop the meat that you have removed earlier.
5.      Take a medium bowl then add inside the chopped lobster meat, celery, lemon juice and tarragon inside.
6.      Add the mayonnaise inside the bowl then season the mixture using pepper as well as salt.
7.      Brush the butter into the roll buns and then toast it until the color turn golden.
8.      Fill in the roll bun split top using the lobster mixture.
9.      Put the roll buns into the serving plate then garnish it using lemon wedges.
10.  Serve immediately.
Mac and Cheese Lobster Recipe Ideas
-          Vegetable oil 2 tbsp
-          Salt
-          Elbow macaroni 1 pound
-          Whole milk 1 quart
-          Unsalted butter, 8 tbsp or 1 stick divided
-          Flour all purpose ½ cup
-          Gruyere cheese grated 4 cups around 12 ounce weight
-          Cheddar cheese grated 2 cups around 8 ounce weight
-          Black pepper ½ tsp
-          Ground nutmeg ½ tsp
-          Lobster meat cooked 1.5 pound diced it with ½ inch size
-          White bread crumb 1.5 cups from around 5 sliced of white bread with the crush removed)
Lobster Recipe Ideas cooking directions:
1.      Do not forget to preheat your oven with 350 degree Fahrenheit temperature
2.      Take a pot then boil some water inside with some salt.
3.      Add the vegetable oil before putting the macaroni inside the water to cook it. Cook the macaroni until al dente by following the direction in the packaging.
4.      Drain the macaroni then set aside.
5.      Take a small size saucepan then pour the milk inside. Heat them but not let it into boil then set aside.
6.      Take a large size pot, then put inside 6 tbsp of the butter.
7.      Melt the butter on heat, then put inside the flour.
8.      Still cook the mixture using low heat setting then use a whisk to stir them without stopping for around 2 minutes.
9.      Do not stop the stirring then add the milk into the pot for another 2 minutes until the sauce become thick and smooth.
10.  Take the pot off from the stove then pour inside the gruyere cheese and cheddar cheese. Season it using pepper, nutmeg and salt.
11.  Stir the sauce constantly until the cheese is all melted.
12.  Put inside the pasta and lobster you have prepared before then stir to mix them all.
13.   Take around six or eight gratin dishes then divide the pasta mixture inside those dishes then set aside. 
14.  Take a small pan then melt the rest of the butter you have left.
15.  Add the bread crumbs then stir to mix everything.
16.  Sprinkle the buttered bread crumbs on top of the pasta mixture.
17.  Put the gratin dishes inside the oven then bake it for around 35 minutes until you can see that the sauce start to bubble and the top of the pasta become brown.
18.  Take out from oven and served immediately.
Pie Lobster Recipe Ideas
-          Salt
-          Lobster 5 pieces with 1 pound weight each
-          Butter 1 cup around 2 sticks
-          Lemon juice 2 tbsp
-          Snack crackers crushed 3 cups
-          Parsley 4 springs used for garnish
-          Lemon wedges used for garnish
Lobster Recipe Ideas cooking directions:
1.      Take a large size pot then fill it with water and boil it using high heat setting.
2.      Put salt inside the boiled water then put the lobster inside.
3.      Once the water boiled once more, and then let the lobster to cook for around 15 more minutes.
4.      Take out the lobster from inside the water then let it cool down.
5.      Crack open the shells on the tail, claws and knuckle then take out the meat from inside. Put it in a small bowl. Do not forget to separate the tomalley to be used later. And reserved the lobster juice to be used later.
6.      Preheat your oven using 425 degree Fahrenheit setting.
7.      Take a frying pan then put it on a medium heat setting.
8.      Add the butter to melt.
9.      Add lemon juice and the lobster tomalley you separate previously.
10.  Remove the frying pan from the heat then add inside the snack crackers crushed inside. Stir it to mix all of the ingredients.
11.  Pour inside some of the lobster juice until the mixture is thick enough with the same consistency as the turkey stuffing.
12.  Take 4 casserole dishes then divide the meat into the dishes.
13.  Pour the snack mixture on top of the lobster and spread them evenly.
14.  Bake for around 10 minutes until the top browning.
15.  Take out and serve it with wedges and parsley garnish.
Those are several lobster recipe ideas that you can try to create as they are very easy but also very delicious.

Easy to Make Lobster Recipe Ideas for Everyone

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