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Frozen Lobster Meat

Frozen lobster meat is a luxury and delicious dish for special occasion. You can cook lobsters with many recipes and they will stay delicate and compliment many recipes. Lobster offer top premium meat which you can enjoy anytime, the texture of the lobster meat is mostly firm and flake easy after you cook it and it also taste very sweet. Lobster is usually sold in high price due to their quality and high market demand. This is why lobsters are considered to be one of the most important trade commodities in seafood industry.
Frozen lobster meat available year round in variety of product forms including frozen lobster. When people want to buy lobsters, the first thing that comes into their mind is usually purchasing fresh and alive lobsters instead of the frozen one. Yes, it is best to enjoy lobster in its freshest by buying alive lobster and you kill and cut it right in the kitchen after bring it at home. However, not all people have that luxury to be able to buy freshest lobsters.
The easiest way to get freshest lobster is buying on boat, it possible when you are live near coastal area or the sea. However, if you are live in big cities, the possible way to buy alive lobster is from supermarket or grocery stores locally. But, you might be encounter alive lobster not in their freshest condition because they are already stored in the tanks for quite long time or they are just a dead lobster previously thawed from the frozen lobsters. If you cannot buy best quality freshest lobsters when they are still alive then frozen lobster meat is great alternative to buy.
Why frozen lobster meat product? In fact, frozen lobster can be as good as fresh lobster meat if the suppliers know how to handle and store them properly. There is nothing wrong buying frozen seafood including lobsters. You can even store them in the freezer for later use. When you buy fresh lobster, you need to cook them quickly because lobster can spoilage immediately.
There are many variety of frozen lobster including:
·         Frozen lobster in a whole, they are usually packed inside air vacuum packaging and freeze in special temperature setting to prevent spoilage.
·         Frozen lobster tail, it is a cut of lobster tail which you can enjoy. The meat inside the lobster’s tail offer delicate and delicious sweet taste you can never imagine. One of the most popular frozen lobster meat tails species is the cold water lobsters since they have whiter and sweeter meat inside the tails than warm water one.
·         Canned frozen lobster meat, this is the cheaper solution when you want to enjoy eating lobster meat but you do not have enough budget to buy a whole lobster. There are many brands available for lobster meat in cans so you need to select them carefully. Inside the cans, you will find chunks of lobster meat, sometime with their claws or tails. It is depend on the type of product.
How to buy frozen lobster meat?
To make sure that you buy only high quality lobster frozen meat then there are few simple things you should pay attention. Here we have some guides to check whether the lobsters still in good condition when you want to buy them:
-          Frozen lobsters should not have any discoloration on their shell, if you spot any discoloration such as black spots or yellowish then it is the sign that the frozen lobster start to spoilage. You should avoid buying such lobsters and move to the next option.
-          If you buy frozen lobster tails and you see there is some grey spots or grayish colors then it also mean the lobster tails are not good anymore. They are already kept in a long time by the suppliers. You better check for the other frozen lobster meat suppliers product.
-          Check their shell, if you find out that they are cracked shell or the shells are damaged in any way then move to the next lobsters. Cracked or damaged shells meaning that the lobsters are old.
-          The meat and texture should be firm when you buy frozen lobsters, it is mean that the suppliers store and handle them into freezer properly in the right temperature setting. If you find out that the lobster’s meat and texture is not that hard or a bit softer then it is also a sign that they are previously thawed and the re-frozen by the suppliers.
-          If you can smell the lobsters and they have off putting odor, then it is mean they are no longer good. You should avoid buying frozen lobsters which too long and already spoilage.
-          Usually the frozen lobsters are sealed inside tight packaging. When you see and check the package, if there is torn or crushed then you should not buy them. You need to check the one you want to buy is perfectly packed without damaged packaging.
The quality of the wholesale frozen lobster meat is depends on how the suppliers handle them as well. If the suppliers are not store and freeze them properly then the lobsters will lose its qualities and finest. This is why, it is very important for you to find trusted and reliable frozen lobsters who can handle their product properly.
Besides those considerations when buying frozen lobster, you also need to buy them based on several things such as:
-          The species of the lobsters, there are two most common lobster species sold in the market: warm water and cold water lobsters.
-          The size of the lobsters, bigger lobsters does not mean they are always good in quality. You should check them all before order.
-          Female or male lobsters, male lobsters usually have bigger size than the female one. However, only female lobsters have those small eggs inside them which many people considered to be delicious.
-          The sustainability of the lobsters and whether they are wildly harvested or farmed.
You can buy frozen lobster meat by considering all those guides to be able to get desired lobster product in the market.

Frozen Lobster Meat

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