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Lobster and Shrimp

Many seafood lovers love both of lobster and shrimp since they are offer delicious and delicate taste plus appearance. Lobster and the shrimp are important commodities in the seafood industry and they are also priced highly. In addition, these two crustaceans can be found easily year round because they are abundant.
To tell the different between lobster and the shrimp is quite easy and even children can differentiate them with quick glance thanks to their distinguished appearance. You can compare them side by side and you will be able to tell which one is shrimp and which one is the lobster. The difference can be spot very easy and it can even easier to differentiate shrimp vs lobster rather than lobster with other crustacean, for example crayfishes.
Lobster and shrimp: How to differentiate them?
Lobster and shrimp are both crustaceans and they are even close relatives. They also have many similar characteristics; such as both have fused head to their bodies and both have compound eyes. Now, here are few simple guidelines to tell the different between lobster and the shrimp:
1.      Lobsters live in salty waters only, while the shrimps can manage to live in both salt and fresh waters.
2.      The lobsters move with crawling movement while shrimps are swimming.
3.      Lobsters are generally bigger than the shrimps in terms of size. Even regular lobsters can be found larger than most of the jumbo shrimps.
4.      The female lobsters carry their eggs inside them while shrimps are spread their eggs to the sea.
Lobster versus shrimp, which one is the best?
It is also important for you to know lobster and shrimp comparison in terms of healthy nutrition that they are offer. Let’s take a quick look about shrimp and lobster benefits. First of all, both shrimp and lobster rich in many nutritional benefits. They are packed with protein, minerals, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids. This is mean that they are very healthy to be consumed but in moderate amount due to the cholesterol content. However, the level of the nutrition content inside both the crustaceans is different one to another. This is why, we need to compare them side by side.
-          The shrimp:
Shrimp is packed with protein and vitamins. They are the fruit of the sea and you can cook the shrimp with so many ways including grilling, frying, and broiling. Per serving of shrimp also carries few calories.
Did you know that 7 medium sized shrimps offer lean protein amount around 18 grams and they are only carry 84 calories with 1 gram of fat. This is means you can already gained 50 percent of daily recommended serving of lean protein for only 10 percent of calories. Furthermore, this little crustacean also packed with vitamins such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin B3. Minerals like selenium is offered too and this is quite essential type of mineral because it has important role to lower dangerous diseases such heart diseases, diabetes type 2, and depression thanks to the antioxidant agents contained in the mineral content.
As for the appearance, shrimp has ‘cute’ peachy hue which provides antioxidant support as well. The antioxidant is useful to prevent cancers and support body nervous system. However, you still need to limit the amount of shrimp consumption each week because they are still considered to have high cholesterol. If you want to know then just 2 ounces of shrimps have 25 grams of saturated fat and 400 calories and if you dip them into melt butter, it will add more calories. So, better you replace that delicious butter with spritz of fresh flavor lemon.
-          The lobster
Now, we also need to compare both lobster and shrimp based on their healthy nutrition content. After you know that the shrimps have high cholesterol, you may be curious whether lobsters have higher cholesterol than the shrimp. Similar to shrimps, lobsters are also packed with various healthy nutrition including lean protein, minerals, and vitamins. However, lobsters are also contains some amount of cholesterol, but they have low amount of calories.
4 ounces cooked lobster meats or around 1 pound of lobster contain 105 calories only with 24 grams of lean protein and less than 1 grams of fat. Not to mention the lobsters have high amount of selenium which have essential role as antioxidant agents that can prevent many dangerous diseases including cancers and of course fight against free radicals effect. This is means your immune system will boost when you take some amount of lobster.
Lobster is known to have high cholesterol, but you should consider this information. Per serving of 3.5 ounce of lobster meats contain about 72 mg of cholesterol and with the similar size of chicken per serving, they offer higher cholesterol which about 85 mg of cholesterol. You can cook or mix the lobsters into any recipes including healthy pasta and salad dishes.
So, after you read the information above, you finally can tell which one is better? Is it lobster or the shrimp instead? If you want to eat healthier crustacean seafood with less cholesterol then pick lobsters, because shrimps carry more cholesterol than the later one. As for the lean protein and calories, they are basically carries similar amount of protein and calories in average.
However, it does not mean we recommend you to avoid eating shrimps at all because you can consume both of them by incorporating lobster and shrimp in your meals each week so you can get daily recommended healthy nutrition. From this, you can try to taste both of the flavors and see which one is your preference. However, the both lobster and shrimp suppliers products are basically have delicious product.
If you want to buy either lobster or shrimp then we suggest you looking for trusted lobster and shrimp suppliers. However, you need to make sure they can be dependable and have high quality products to be shipped. Alternatively, you can try to purchase them via online shopping. Please make sure that you select good suppliers with sustainable lobster and shrimp harvest methods. Hope this information can help you to find great lobster and the shrimp dealers.

Lobster and Shrimp

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