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Bulk Frozen Lobster Meat

Lobsters are great dish to have in many occasions and if you run a restaurant business then offer lobster dish is a must because many people will surely order them. For business, you can bulk frozen lobster meat order from lobster suppliers. To make perfect lobster dish then you need to buy premium quality of lobsters. Here are some simple guides you can follow when you want to purchase lobster in good quality and not being scammed by less desired lobsters.
Buying bulk frozen lobster meat guides
Before you order bulk frozen lobster meat, there are many things you should consider such as:
1.      The types of the frozen lobster
It is better if you can tell from where the suppliers sourced their lobsters because there are many lobster species available in the world. However, the two top lobster species sold in the market are: Maine lobsters and Spiny lobsters or simply we can say them as Cold water lobster and Warm water lobster. They are also offer different taste or flavor as well as forms. Cold water lobsters have sweeter taste than the warm one and they are also have whiter and thick shell. Adversely, warm water lobsters have denser meat with thinner shell.
Take a note that, if you go shopping especially when you want to buy lobster tail, warm water lobster is probably you will encounter in the market because their price is usually less expensive than the cold water lobster. But, of course it does not mean you cannot find cold water lobsters since you can also buy them too in the market either offline or online.
If you want to know which one is suitable best for your preference then this is some pros and cons on both warm water and cold water lobsters:
·         Warm water lobsters
The pros are:
-          Bulk frozen lobster meat price from warm water lobster is usually cheaper.
-          They are available widely in grocery shopping such as supermarket or grocery stores thus easier to find.
The cons are:
-          There is a higher chance you will meet bad quality of warm water lobsters because many people noted that after they cook the lobsters, the meat appears mushy or have some weird ammonia odor.
-          When buying lobsters in frozen state, there are some suppliers that will inject water between the shell and meat for extra protection in freezer storage. This will add weight but you get water more instead of the meat.
-          Suppliers can soak them inside Sodium tripoyphosphate to prevent quick spoilage and of course it will add more water inside the lobsters.
·         Cold water lobsters
The pros are:
-          Their flavor is much sweeter than warm water and they have white tender meat as well.
The cons are:
-          They are mostly readily via order bulk frozen lobster meat online rather than available locally.
-          The price is considered to be more expensive than the warm water lobsters.
After you look for the right species of lobsters you want to buy, whether they are warm water or cold water lobsters, do not forget to tell the suppliers exactly about what kind of lobsters types or species you want to bulk order.
2.      Check the appearance of the frozen lobster meat
You can tell easily whether the frozen lobster meat is good or not by look their appearance. First, do not buy the lobsters if you spot any discolorations such as there is black or yellow shades on the shells or the tails turn grayish because it is they are no longer healthy or spoilage. In addition, do not buy thawed frozen lobsters because they need to be defrosted properly and then cook quickly.
3.      Always buy from reputable suppliers
This is the last thing you need to ensure when you want to bulk frozen lobster meat from Indonesia suppliers or any dealers you can find.
-          First, you need to search their track record, it is always better to order from companies with good track record that already run their business in quite a long time. You can also ask for some sample to make sure they have top quality of lobster meat. Furthermore, ask them about how they handle the lobsters as well as where they source them.
-          Pick wild caught lobsters instead of farmed one because farmed lobsters will have more harmful toxic than lobsters which wild harvested. Ask for sustainability of the lobster suppliers as well especially if you really concern about environmentally friendly wild caught lobster method.
-          If you want the lobsters to be delivered to you for overnight then do not forget to ask for the shipping cost since it will make the cost you will pay go higher. Overnight shipping cost is indeed usually expensive; however it is good if the suppliers have such services.
-          Since you will buy bulk frozen lobster, there is nothing wrong asking for discounted price. If you purchase from whole sellers, usually they will give you discount since the larger you buy the lower the price will be.
-          Ask for some guarantee if the lobsters arrive at your place in damaged condition. You need to make sure mention about it before you place an order. It is better if you list the guarantee on the contract.
It is best to buy lobsters during warm seasons because they are available in abundant and mostly in cheaper price. The supplies are very good when you try to bulk frozen lobster meat in April to June or October to December. In such months, hard shell lobsters are highly in stock and they are also less expensive.
Take a note that, when you want to order for frozen lobsters, make sure when the product arrive right in front of the door, their package are not damaged. This is why the suppliers need to have good delivery process and method. Frozen lobster will have nicer quality especially when they are being handled and stored in the right way. Hope this information helps you to find good suppliers as well as good frozen lobsters meat.

Bulk Frozen Lobster Meat

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